Unknown: The Milky Way Galaxy is discovered.

2026 (Wikia Years): TheDeadliestBot becomes self-aware and takes over the wikia mainframe and many users' accounts. The last wiki to survive his wrath, Deadliest Fiction Wiki, fought valiantly before their tragic demise. 

2358 (Earth Years): Lasers are weaponized

2704  (Earth Years): Omar al-Zoha, an astrologist from the richest country on Earth, Saudi Arabia, becomes the first man to discover another galaxy.

2822 (Earth Years): Yuri Veshenko, a Russian astronaut, becomes the first man to be on multiple planets in multiple galaxies.

2856 (Earth Years): The Intergalactic Peace Organization (IPO) is founded to keep the peace through the galaxy.

2879 (Earth Years): A Mars Rover becomes self-aware and organizes a group of robots that invade Jupiter. 

2880 (Earth Years): All of the governments of Earth merge to form the Government of Earth. The new government forms a defense force of Space Soldiers to fight alongside Jupiter's military to stop the army of Mars Rovers.

2961 (Earth Years): Slampon, an evil Klingon, leads the group "Slampon's Slayers" to a full-out invasion of the planet, Yahweh. The Earth, Saturn and Sputnik militaries ally to fight of Slampon and cryogenically froze him, keeping his body on Earth.

3014 (Earth Years): The current events of this wiki