Slampon's Slayers were a terrorist organization founded by an evil Klingon named Slampon. They are technically defunct, but due to Slampon being cryogenically frozen on Earth, many people think that they will return. 
GAG raid

A group of members of Slampon's Slayers invading Yahweh


In the year 2958, a Klingon named Slampon was released from prison on Tezcalipoca. There, he met many prisoners who left before him. He began recruiting members for Slampon's Slayers. Slampon was originally a flying cab driver, but he was framed for being a getaway driver for a criminal. Prison made him evil as he grew hungry for power after being abused by others. Three years later, Slampon's Slayers invaded the planet, Yahweh. After nearly taking full control of the planet, the militaries of Sputnik, Earth and Saturn came to the aid of the people of Yahweh. The militaries overpowered Slampon's Slayers and killed him.

Prominent MembersEdit


Slampon's Slayers are defunct, but Slampon's frozen body is being kept on Earth. It has been the target of theft so it can be recreated. 


Slampon, just before he is frozen.