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The logo for The Uvuloids

The Uvuloids are paramilitary organization based on Rigel V. They are not a corporation. They are currently led by a cyclops named Lewis Scannon. Scannon's ancestors founded the organization and each left it to their son, which led to Lou gaining ownership after time as a top ranking soldier. 


Founded in 2717 by Melvin Scannon, they were formed to fight against injustice and to put technology back in it's place (to work for the people, not against). Melvin and Lewis have each been targets of many assassinations, one resulting in Melvin needing a replacement small intestine. They're base has been on Rigel V for the last 62 years. Before than, it was on Kalee, but the base was blown up by terrorists.    

Prominent MembersEdit


Close RangeEdit

DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol

Mustang and Sally

Type 1 Energy Sword

Electric Spear

Mid RangeEdit

EE-3 Carbine Rifle


Chitauri Gun

Plasma Pulse Rifle

Super Shotgun

Long RangeEdit

Storm PSR

Spartan Laser


Catapult that fires various objects




Recon Droids