280px-Cruiser Hull Stealth A The Nesasio

A picture of The Watchers' ship (photo from Faster Than Light)

The Watchers are a band of pirates working to acheive chaos through out the galaxy. Their objective is not money nor fame but chaos. They will not stop until the entire galaxy burns. They have been doing this for 15 years. It started with just Abram and Yi Shan and is still growing today. They first found Jim in an earth scrap yard. They turned him on and reprogammed him to work with them. They found the man on a deserted planet near the brink of death. They healed him and then recruited him.


Leader - Abram Abukomov - Russian Male

2nd in command - Yi Shan - Chinese Male

Engineer - Jim - Robot

Fighter - The man - Rockman

Scout - Bob - Mantis (real name impossible to pronounce)

Scientist - Isabellla - Russian Female


The Watchers use a ship outfitted with the latest stealth tech.


Duel Lasers

Pegausus missile

Pike Beam      


Stealth gear allows the ship to go invisible for 5 minutes



Plasma Pistol

Plasma Assualt Rifle

Flamer - a flamethrower